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Why us?

Minimal Students Per Batch

We only allow 8-10 students in a batch so that everyone can understand better.

Live project

Live Project will be done in live training so that students can have hands on the tools from the seed level.

Premium Material

Premium and sorted material will be provided which is curated by industry experts

Experienced Faculty

5+ Industry Expert Faculty available to train the students in updated and up-to-date stuff.

1 - 1 Training Available

1-1 trainings available for those who want to learn and try the tools closely and handson

100% Placement Assistance

The Best PowerBi training institute in Hyderabad that provides 100% Placement assistance post course completion.

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Advantages of Learning Power BI

30 Days Intensive Training
Special Doubt Clearing Session
Job & Interview Support

Skills Required to take Power BI Training

  1. Have good knowledge of data visualization, graphs and charts
  2. Knowledge of data modeling
  3. Knowledge of mathematical measures
  4. Ability to extract data from the web and other sources
  5. Ability to build a dashboard

Course highlights

Curriculum for Power BI Training In HYDERABAD

1.1 Working with Data Hierarchies
1.2 In-built slicers and custom slicers • Date slicer
1.3 Working with reference lines
1.4 Dynamic Texts in Power BI • Measures for Dynamic Texts
1.5 Dynamic tooltips
1.6 Filters • Types of Filters • Visualization filters • Page Filters • Report Filters
1.7 Drill Through in Power BI • Creating Drill Through Reports in Power BI
1.8 Developing KPIs
1.9 Parameters • Types of Parameters • Linking Parameters with Datasets • Creating Parameters for Data Sources • Creating Parameters for File Paths
1.10 Power BI Templates • Difference between Reports & Templates
1.11 Key Influencers in Power BI
1.12 What-If Parameters in Power BI • Creating What-If Parameters • Case Study on What-If Parameters
1.13 Power BI Question & Answers
1.14 Interactions in Power BI • Edition Interactions in Power BI
1.15 Selection Pane in Power BI • Hiding / UnHiding Using Selection Pane
2.1 OLAP Data Sources in Power BI
2.2 Using Analysis service
2.3 Using MDX Queries with PowerBI
2.4 Connecting Power BI with OLAP
2.5 Understanding Import & DirectQuery
2.6 MDX SELECT and Perspective Access
2.7 MDX Expressions with Power BI
2.8 MDX Queries with Power BI
2.9 Applying Vertipaq Analyzer to analyze the structure of a data model
3.1 Working with DAX Functions
3.2 Calculated Measures by using DAX
3.3 Parameters with DAX
3.4 Dynamic Report Filters, Expressions • Variables
3.5 Date functions • String functions • Arithmetic Functions
3.6 Understanding Calculated Column • Creating Calculated Columns
3.7 Understanding Measures • Creating Measures • Difference between Columns & Measures
3.8 Logical Functions • Relationship functions • Math/Statistics function • Information functions
4.1 Time intelligence function
4.2 YTD, QTD, MTD Calculations with DAX
4.3 DAX Calculations and Measures
4.5 Time Intelligence Functions with DAX
4.6 Data Analysis Expressions and Functions
4.10 How to use DAX Studio • Creating and Utilizing Variables
4.11 Understanding Nested Evaluation Context • Dynamic Bucketing/Binning using Lookup Functions
4.12 Scope Altering Functions (ALL, ALLEXCEPT, ALLSELECTED, KEEP FITLERS etc.)
4.13 Table Functions in DAX – CALCULATETABLE etc.
4.14 Time Intelligence (YTD, MoM, Rolling Window i.e. Moving Average calculations etc.)
4.15 Iterator Functions like SUMX, COUNTX, AVERAGEX ..
4.16 Many to Many Relationships and Bi directionality i.e. non Star Schema
4.17 Composite Models • Calculation Groups
4.18 DAX Patterns – Top N Pattern, ABC Pattern etc.
4.19 Using Path Function for Hierarchal Role based Access
4.20 Using DAX for SVG Animations
5.1 Adding Custom Visuals in Power BI
5.2 Word Cloud • Text Filters • Tornado • Zebra BI Tables • Hierarchy Charts
5.3 Creating Automatic Forecasts • Time Series Forecasting • ARIMA Forecasting
5.4 Interactive Pareto Charts
5.5 Regression – Linear,Multiple Logistic • Correlation • Clustering Analysis
6.1 What is Power Query • When to Use Power Query
6.2 Connecting Data Sources using Power Query • Manipulating Data using Power Query
6.3 Power Query Functions • Applying Power Query Functions
6.4 Connecting to data sources using Power Query • Functions in Power Query
6.5 Importing and parsing JSON, XML Data, Web and API Data
6.6 Using Advanced Editor for the M Query Language
6.7 Difference in List, Record and Tables and their respective functions
6.8 M Language Basics (Text, Number, Date, Time, Duration Functions) , Conditional Functions IF then, Each Function
6.9 Creating and Using Lists and Records • Converting Lists to Tables and Using Tables
6.10 Different Join Types especially Self Joins
6.11 Creating Custom FUNCTIONS and using them in the CUSTOM COLUMN
6.12 Using Parameters and Parameter Tables in Power Query • Creating and Using Date Tables for Time Intelligence
7.1 Understanding PowerBI Cloud Architecture • Power BI Server Configuration
7.2 PowerBI Cloud Account and Workspace • Creating Account in Power BI Services
7.3 Power BI Users • Types of Users -> Free, Pro, Premium
7.4 Creating Workspaces
7.5 User Management • Workspaces Management
7.6 Deployment Power BI Desktop Reports • Managing report in Power BI Services
7.7 Editing Reports in Power BI Servers • Downloading PBIX files from Server
7.8 Share dashboards to Client /Users
7.9 Gateways • PowerBI Gateway -Download and Installation
7.10 Data Refresh with Power BI Architecture
7.11 PowerBI Settings : Dataset -Gateway Integration
7.12 Configuring Dataset for Manual Refresh of Data • Configuring Automatic Refresh and Schedules
7.13 Subscriptions in Power BI • Power BI Alerts
7.14 Dataset Actions and Refresh Settings with Gateway
7.15 Security Features in Power BI • Implementing Row Level Security (RLS) • Security Roles and Role Members.
7.16 Power BI Mobile Apps • Viewing Reports in Power BI Mobile Apps • Testing Power BI Reports for Mobile Views
7.17 Deployment Pipeline • Power BI WorkFlows
8.1 Power BI Performance Analyzers
8.2 Monitoring Performance using Performance Analyzers
8.3 Recording Duration time in milliseconds for each visual and Events
8.4 Identifying Bottlenecks in Power BI Reports
8.5 Optimizing Power BI Reports

what students say about our power bi training in hyderabad

Power BI is an amazing course. It is very easy to understand and I am learned a lot. I was able to create my first data visualization in less than an hour. The course is well worth the price and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to use Power BI.
I have been using power BI for a few months now and I have really enjoyed it. The training is excellent and I feel confident in my skills after going through it. The trainers are very knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend this to anyone looking to learn more about power BI.
I was very pleased with the power bi training. The trainer was very knowledgeable and the training was interactive. I learned a lot of new things and now feel confident in my skills for this software.
I really enjoyed this course. It was very informative and I learned a lot. I also found the price to be very reasonable. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a way to improve their data analysis skills.
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